Milwaukee brewery uses city’s Christmas tree to brew beer


A Milwaukee brewery is celebrating the holiday season with an extra-festive beer made using spruce from the city’s official Christmas tree.

Black Husky Brewery, which opened in 2016, announced that its latest brew, Tree Sproose, features spruce from the Milwaukee’s Christmas tree.

“I looked at the tree and I said ‘I think that’s a spruce tree, and I wonder if I could get a couple of branches of that,'” co-owner Tim Eichinger told WTMJ-TV.

Katie Major and Mike Connell, the couple who donated the city’s tree, participated in the bottling, alongside brewery employees and personnel from the Department of Public Works Forestry Services.

Eichinger said a portion of sales from the 9.9% alcohol-by-volume brew will help support the Milwaukee Urban Forestry Fund.